Feminine clothes and the shop of shoes

I am selling the skirt with Tinyprim accessories or the moving script or shoes or clothes.


Age de la lune Wall was released.

=La maille=Age de la lune Wall

The script made from HUD was refined further and the object for the wall was released.
The alias of the each occasion moon is displayed.
In addition, the Moon phase is shown.

Size 100cm*100cm

Phases of the moon is shown.

The age of the moon is displayed
because of maximum error margin
It calculates because of
few error margins though only LSL is used.
The same calculation result
as an advanced script such as
PHP and JavaScript has been put out.
The display of the floating text
can be erased and it control from the dialog.


Everything is shown.

Please look at astronomy and astrology and look at the person of the hobby.

It displays it by the accurate count.


Four Swimwear works were put on the market.

=La maille=Ours d'Or Fuchsia&Jaune
It is 250L$ in one-color price.

=La maille=Les Grandes vacances Orange&Pasteque
It is 300L$ in one-color price.

This year's bathing suit is Bandeau.
It is a type without shoulder strap of all of the four works.
It put it on the market in the main store and the factory shop.


A new swim suit is sold.

=La maille=Uranographia -Swimwear
Swim suit that expressed old constellation.

Monokini & brazilian Cut
Two layers set.
Shirt and Under shirt .
Pants and Under pants.
Long Pareo.
Set of ribbon attached to back.
With Mule.

The swim suit was sold in the JCI shop.
It set it up in Vendor sold in 20%OFF in the group member.
The texture work is wonderful finish though it is a swim suit.
Please enjoy it.


Chair that does collaboration and makes it

*Stool NF-18.  NYAGOS WORLD & La maille.


Design & modeling by NYAGOS WORLD creator Nyagos Kidd
Script by La maille creator Mayuko Nishi

It is Coraborat works.


This stool has a script that rotates with a right and left arrow key.

I don't like to talk without seeing other party's face in the cafe ,or in the bar, etc.
The script was written for such reasons.

The script was written from the sense of incompatibility in the chat
about SecondLife about which it talked without seeing the other party
though it talked with the next person in the cafe and the bar, etc.

I will easily explain the function.

First, you can put two animations in this chair.
When moving it right and left, a right animation is reproduced and a left animation is reproduced
if it is the left if it is the right.
Moreover, when animation is 1 piece, both the of one animations are reproduced.
The Sit animation of the SecondLife default is reproduced when there is no animation.
We will inform the owner of the message of the error when three are put.
However, only because the animation since the third is functionally disregarded, it is not an error that stops the function.


Convenient Vendor was sold!

=La maille= Automatic Peyment Vendor by
Script by mayuko Nishi

- Though this vender (vending machine) works at the script
It differs from the vender of an existing type, and the payment item of
the pie menu is not used.
After the commodity is selected in a word, the payment dialog is
displayed by the one click.
There is no sense of resistance to purchase because it can buy the SL
beginner by the same sense as usual object BUY.

- It is only two Prim's low Prim, so it is suitable for user with
little number Prim of limitations of land and a large amount of

- 45 objects can be sold as this one vender.

- A usual vender cannot distinguish whether only vender's name is recorded
and what sold to the dealings record later.
However, this vender of me gets the name of the purchase item preserved in the dealings record accurately.

- The customer name and the commodity name are send by IM to the
owner at the time of delivery. It is possible to use it as well as
usual sales.

- The texture of the frame is revokable in the image of your favor.
*You can change to the image produced for myself back
though three kinds (hemp, the skin, and the floral print) can be
selected from the beginning.

- The function that the owner can confirm the commodity check and the
sales test of not being possible to sell it is attached.

- The commodity selection is chosen from the dialog. The name of the
button of the dialog recommends customer's comprehensible name to be
specified because it can name a any name.

- The merchandise control is set with the note card.


Attention concerning analogous articles.

*Caution needed

The product is not Script that I made though the name of "Moving Skirt Script" was confirmed with the other companies product.

Please note that analogous articles on the other companies product cannot update the update of
course in my "UpdateHUD".

There is my script only in my work.



他社製品にて"Moving Skirt Script"の名称を確認しましたが、




La mer de sable debut!

It is a new dress from spring for summer.
There is a secret in a French name for a moment.
It is a dress of the girl who has eyes of the god who rules the death.


Planisphere-mini was made.

Wall type
Size 98cm*98cm

prim 5

There are no changes in the function and accuracy.
The large one is exhibited in a big plaza.
Moreover, this wall type :
though it produces if it uses it
in the shop and the museum related to the star.
Because Prim is few, it is possible to use it for the interior of the


It is a sales beginning of Planisphere!!

This object displays an empty constellation at the current time.
If the place is specified, the set place is updated in real time and faithfully.
Moreover, the constellation of the start of the month on the first day can be displayed.
The diurnal motion of 23 hours and 56 minute + α is reproduced.
The astronomical chart can be chosen according to four kinds.
Theoretical is a calculation that can be used even by the current state until 2038 and I think that it can use longer time if the method of acquiring time is changed.
How to use
When rez is done to the start, the sky of London today is displayed.
This is because Universal Time is Greenwich.

And, you will choose a place near the place
where you live from among the dialog pushing "Area" button.
The sky in your region is displayed if it does so.

To our regret, Daylight Saving Time is not counted.

Four star charts can be chosen with "Display" button.

It is possible to show it by rotating the movement of the star of all days with "Demo" button.

Address of thanks!

-Open Planisphere



Paper Moon PhotoStudio was sold.

Lune de Papier.



This is a photo studio set to which it can sit like American movie "Paper Moon" of 1973 of production.

It is possible to sit on a pink, blue posed ball and a cinematic
cigarette can be gotten especially on a pink side.



- Manual

The glance in sitting comes to have peeped from the camera when sitting on the ball.
Moreover, a sepia color and a normal color can be changed by doing the background of the
photograph in Touch at that time at the date.

The update-function adheres, and moreover, the presence of the latest work can be confirmed
when the owner does Touch to this photo set when this work updates it to the latest version
and I will send the owner the latest version by the automatic operation so that there is the
latest version.

It is not easy to move uncommonly basically in the glance though it is controlled only by
sitting occasionally.
The glance is suitable for avatar of oneself in the photo intraframe when feeling after an
upper and lower, right and left direction key for a moment after it sits in that case.



Address of thanks

Tama Lisle
Production of script of glance control.
Moreover, the camera object was produced.

nakato Howitt
The model of the signboard was done.

ZAW Beck
I got the opinion of the test and the usability.


2008/3/23 22:00
                       mayuko Nishi


...peace.. visit.

Because Prayer wheel was released and such an event had occurred, it wrote.

Creative Commons License


Hi AMERICANS! We now open the shop!

I opened a store in Tanglewood City skymall.
I had sold it up to now only by SIM of Japan.
However, a store was opened in SIM of another country for the first
time this time and it saw.
I am weak in English, and I use the translation site and write it hard.
Do it transmit?

I make the dress, and Pierce and the LSL script of tinyprim are skillful.
Pierce willingly makes a delicate thing. I like to make it from the size of
about 10mm.
The skirt and the choker that other scripts enter, etc. were put.
I am glad when I have you like it.

The friend in Japan made the catalog of the dress that I had made.
Please look.

It is me who am weak in English, but please get along well.


Lolita,thick-soled pumps new faces

=La maille=Joli-Wedgesole




Une rose de B-612 Release!

トランスファー出来ますので、バレンタインのプレゼントなどにいかがでしょうか? :)



I distributed the MovingSkirtScript latest edition. 動くスカートスクリプトバージョンアップしました。


A bug was discovered in Update-HUD-v1.05. It strengthened a function by the reason and distributed new Update-HUD-v1.06.


The next version up strengthened an update rotation.
Version up comes to be possible in future even if you do not acquire updater HUD at store.

この状態で"/1 update"とチャットで発言してください。

It is displayed by the middle of the screen when I attach exclusive HUD.
Please speak by "/1 update" and a chat in this state.


It is update completion if displayed by *BASIC-V.1.06* and a dialogue.


When the most recent version of the script is announced by this, the automatic acquisition and the latest inquiry by the user are enabled.

The function to change in a script prohibited area is left.


However, this version up is not last version up.
There is a meaning of the mediation to push forward the unification of English version and the Japanese edition more now.


The Japanese edition will be completely integrated with English version in the next version.


Because it is serious update of that purpose, please update it to be able to use it forever.


As for HUD of the store distribution, this becomes last.
I will let you do it by the function of the main body of script usefully in future.
Thank you


Lolita,thick-soled pumps"Joli"release!

=La maille=Joli




The latest announcement =La maille=La nymphette

=La maille=La nymphette-japonaise zinzolin

=La maille=La nymphette-japonaise peche

日本の和柄の着物をアレンジした、和ロリ(Kimono Lolita dress)のドレスをリリースしました。



I present a new product by item camping!




=La maille= Cerise bonbon

=La maille= Cerise saphir

=La maille= Cerise prune