Feminine clothes and the shop of shoes

I am selling the skirt with Tinyprim accessories or the moving script or shoes or clothes.


Chair that does collaboration and makes it

*Stool NF-18.  NYAGOS WORLD & La maille.


Design & modeling by NYAGOS WORLD creator Nyagos Kidd
Script by La maille creator Mayuko Nishi

It is Coraborat works.


This stool has a script that rotates with a right and left arrow key.

I don't like to talk without seeing other party's face in the cafe ,or in the bar, etc.
The script was written for such reasons.

The script was written from the sense of incompatibility in the chat
about SecondLife about which it talked without seeing the other party
though it talked with the next person in the cafe and the bar, etc.

I will easily explain the function.

First, you can put two animations in this chair.
When moving it right and left, a right animation is reproduced and a left animation is reproduced
if it is the left if it is the right.
Moreover, when animation is 1 piece, both the of one animations are reproduced.
The Sit animation of the SecondLife default is reproduced when there is no animation.
We will inform the owner of the message of the error when three are put.
However, only because the animation since the third is functionally disregarded, it is not an error that stops the function.