Feminine clothes and the shop of shoes

I am selling the skirt with Tinyprim accessories or the moving script or shoes or clothes.


Convenient Vendor was sold!

=La maille= Automatic Peyment Vendor by
Script by mayuko Nishi

- Though this vender (vending machine) works at the script
It differs from the vender of an existing type, and the payment item of
the pie menu is not used.
After the commodity is selected in a word, the payment dialog is
displayed by the one click.
There is no sense of resistance to purchase because it can buy the SL
beginner by the same sense as usual object BUY.

- It is only two Prim's low Prim, so it is suitable for user with
little number Prim of limitations of land and a large amount of

- 45 objects can be sold as this one vender.

- A usual vender cannot distinguish whether only vender's name is recorded
and what sold to the dealings record later.
However, this vender of me gets the name of the purchase item preserved in the dealings record accurately.

- The customer name and the commodity name are send by IM to the
owner at the time of delivery. It is possible to use it as well as
usual sales.

- The texture of the frame is revokable in the image of your favor.
*You can change to the image produced for myself back
though three kinds (hemp, the skin, and the floral print) can be
selected from the beginning.

- The function that the owner can confirm the commodity check and the
sales test of not being possible to sell it is attached.

- The commodity selection is chosen from the dialog. The name of the
button of the dialog recommends customer's comprehensible name to be
specified because it can name a any name.

- The merchandise control is set with the note card.