Feminine clothes and the shop of shoes

I am selling the skirt with Tinyprim accessories or the moving script or shoes or clothes.


It is a sales beginning of Planisphere!!

This object displays an empty constellation at the current time.
If the place is specified, the set place is updated in real time and faithfully.
Moreover, the constellation of the start of the month on the first day can be displayed.
The diurnal motion of 23 hours and 56 minute + α is reproduced.
The astronomical chart can be chosen according to four kinds.
Theoretical is a calculation that can be used even by the current state until 2038 and I think that it can use longer time if the method of acquiring time is changed.
How to use
When rez is done to the start, the sky of London today is displayed.
This is because Universal Time is Greenwich.

And, you will choose a place near the place
where you live from among the dialog pushing "Area" button.
The sky in your region is displayed if it does so.

To our regret, Daylight Saving Time is not counted.

Four star charts can be chosen with "Display" button.

It is possible to show it by rotating the movement of the star of all days with "Demo" button.

Address of thanks!

-Open Planisphere


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