Feminine clothes and the shop of shoes

I am selling the skirt with Tinyprim accessories or the moving script or shoes or clothes.


Paper Moon PhotoStudio was sold.

Lune de Papier.



This is a photo studio set to which it can sit like American movie "Paper Moon" of 1973 of production.

It is possible to sit on a pink, blue posed ball and a cinematic
cigarette can be gotten especially on a pink side.



- Manual

The glance in sitting comes to have peeped from the camera when sitting on the ball.
Moreover, a sepia color and a normal color can be changed by doing the background of the
photograph in Touch at that time at the date.

The update-function adheres, and moreover, the presence of the latest work can be confirmed
when the owner does Touch to this photo set when this work updates it to the latest version
and I will send the owner the latest version by the automatic operation so that there is the
latest version.

It is not easy to move uncommonly basically in the glance though it is controlled only by
sitting occasionally.
The glance is suitable for avatar of oneself in the photo intraframe when feeling after an
upper and lower, right and left direction key for a moment after it sits in that case.



Address of thanks

Tama Lisle
Production of script of glance control.
Moreover, the camera object was produced.

nakato Howitt
The model of the signboard was done.

ZAW Beck
I got the opinion of the test and the usability.


2008/3/23 22:00
                       mayuko Nishi


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Because Prayer wheel was released and such an event had occurred, it wrote.

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