Feminine clothes and the shop of shoes

I am selling the skirt with Tinyprim accessories or the moving script or shoes or clothes.


Hi AMERICANS! We now open the shop!

I opened a store in Tanglewood City skymall.
I had sold it up to now only by SIM of Japan.
However, a store was opened in SIM of another country for the first
time this time and it saw.
I am weak in English, and I use the translation site and write it hard.
Do it transmit?

I make the dress, and Pierce and the LSL script of tinyprim are skillful.
Pierce willingly makes a delicate thing. I like to make it from the size of
about 10mm.
The skirt and the choker that other scripts enter, etc. were put.
I am glad when I have you like it.

The friend in Japan made the catalog of the dress that I had made.
Please look.

It is me who am weak in English, but please get along well.